At the Restoration Center, I do things differently than you might expect because experience has taught me that many of the things people commonly believe are, to put it simply, not true. In the realm of physical health and wholeness, one of the most significant “not-true” beliefs people hold is that diets are an effective way to lose weight and gain control over their eating. You may wonder why I say that, given that the dieting industry is estimated to be worth $71 billion in the US alone and nearly $200 billion globally? Here’s why:

Diets routinely fail to help people make long-term changes to improve health and lose weight because dieting imposes an external set of rules and regulations on a person. Sadly, these rules are rarely connected to their internal needs. Dieting usually encourages one to ignore hunger—the internal cue that your body needs fuel—and thus disassociate your mind from what is going on in your body. Talk about stress—diets result in your mind and your body being at war with each other! They end up constantly arguing about what, when, how, and how much to eat, and guess what—whoever wins, the result is not pretty!

People who exhibit symptoms of disordered eating almost always do not eat according to what and how much their body requires—they have effectively lost touch with what their body needs. Dieting does not fix that problem. Let me repeat that: Dieting does not fix that problem. When you put yourself on a diet, your mind has bought into the belief that you cannot be trusted to feed yourself in a manner that promotes optimal weight and good health. BUT, and here’s the $71 billion catch—this is a lie. Your body DOES have the inherent ability to give you signals about what, when, how, and how much to eat, but you may have lost touch with those signals. At the Restoration Center, I can help you re-learn those signals so that you never need to diet again. Good news, right?

You might think that you are the exception—that without strict rules and plans, your eating will quickly get out of control. You might believe that you cannot trust yourself with certain foods: “If I buy ____, I will eat it all.” If that’s you, have you ever considered that there might be something else going on which has caused you to behave this way?

God designed you with a perfect internal mechanism to regulate your food intake. It’s called hunger and satiety. Do you know when you are physically hungry? (This is different from wanting to eat because you are angry, lonely, or bored…and by the way…if you are eating emotionally, going on a diet doesn’t fix that.) Do you know when your body (physically) has had enough food? Sadly, many people are so disconnected from their bodies that they do not know when to eat or when they should stop. 

Chronic undereating or overeating is not fixed by dieting. If you are tired of battling weight problems, low energy, obsessive thoughts about food, or confusion about how and what to eat, please set up an appointment with me to get to the bottom of what’s going on. Life is too short to be on a diet!

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