1. There is a God who loves us and wants the best for us. We were created to be in relationship with this God—not the human organization representing Him, but God Himself.
  2. Each of us exists in three parts, and wellness consists of having all three parts functioning well together. Hurts, imbalances, or inattention to one part can affect the other parts.
  3. These three parts are:
    • Body—our physical body 
    • Soul—our mind, our will, and our emotions
    • Spirit—each of us has an eternal spirit within us
  4. Each of the three parts of us has valid needs, but we do not always meet those needs in the best ways. Shortfalls in meeting one part’s needs can lead to behaviors that hurt other parts. 
    • Example—our spirit needs intimacy, connection, and comfort. If, when we were children, our mother always comforted us with food, instead of her time and attention, then we may become over-eaters as adults. We perceive a problem related to our body, but we really have a problem in our spirit.
  5. Many times, people are not fully in touch with or do not understand one or more of the three parts of themselves.
  6. The team at Restoration Center seeks to help clients understand the three parts of themselves, identify the root causes of a perceived problem, and correct the root cause, leading to healing and increased wholeness across every aspect of their lives.