Begin Your Marriage With a Solid Foundation

Building a successful marriage is a journey. Start well by hiring experienced marriage coaches to help you avoid common pitfalls and ensure you have the best possible launch on your journey!
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✓ Heal from past hurts

✓ Confirm you are ready

✓ Get the tools you need

Do you struggle with:

  • Hurts from your past, whether from growing up or previous relationships
  • Questioning “Am I ready to be married? Are WE ready? How do we know?”
  • Do I have the skills I need to be successful in marriage?

We help you thrive in your marriage!

Inner Healing

All of us have been hurt by our life experience. Left alone, these hurts are very likely to cause problems in our marriage. In a healing prayer session, God will guide you (individually) to recognize and heal these hurts so that you each enter marriage with as little “baggage” as possible.

Tools and Skills

The Pre-Marriage Course gives couples effective, practical ways to thrive in five key areas: Communication, Conflict, Commitment, Connection, and Adventure.  It includes a comprehensive survey with a guided review of the results, focused on resolving any remaining issues.

Connection and Intimacy

Few couples know how to connect at a deep level. Using the Connection Codes, we will teach you why emotional connection is vital to your marriage and how to do it well. Knowing how to connect does not prevent problems, but it does mean you know how to solve them quickly and healthily!

Who are we and why can we help?

  • We have been married for 37 years
  • We have hosted and taught marriage enrichment and marriage prep courses for over 20 years, in the US, UK, and India
  • Jeanie has a M.Ed in counseling and a Masters degree in Divinity
  • We are trained ministers in multiple forms of healing prayer and certified coaches in Connection Codes
See what past clients have said!

Don’t take our word for it – here’s what other clients have to say about our pre-marriage coaching.


Basic Marriage Prep Package


The package includes an Intake and Introduction session, two individual healing prayer sessions, the pre-marriage survey, five video-based Pre-Marriage Course sessions, a Relationship Lab session, and a session reviewing the survey and coaching through potential issues.

Full Marriage Prep Package


This package includes all of the Basic Package and adds the Connection Codes Foundations masterclass plus eight coaching sessions with Jeff and Jeanie (a $2800 value). We so love helping couples get a great start to their marriage that this package is 50% of the normal investment!

How it Works

1. Call us to discuss your needs and timing

We want to meet you and answer your questions. If what we offer matches what you want, then proceed to Step 2!

2. Sign up for a package that works for you

We will work with you on when to begin the course–there may or may not be other couples on the same journey at the same time! (Don’t worry, you do all of the work privately.)

3. Begin your married life together!

With the best possible start and a collection of tools and skills, you will ready to live the life you have dreamed about. And now, you have coaches to support you on your continued journey!

The journey of a life well-lived

A wedding is the start of the grand adventure called marriage. With a solid foundation, you are ready to build a life together.
There may be other ways or times when Restoration Center can guide you on your journey. Besides a desire to help others start and grow a loving, thriving marriage, we also love to help parents raise their children with as much joy, as much wisdom, and as little stress as possible. Learn how to guide your children (when they arrive) to become the adults God intended them to be while enjoying the process.

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