We love strengthening marriages!

Creating a thriving marriage is a journey. No matter where you are on that journey, hiring a marriage coach will help you avoid (or recover from) common pitfalls and ensure your married life is filled with joy and purpose!

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✓ Prepare for marriage

✓ Get out of a rut

✓ Recover what has been lost

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Are you struggling with:

  • Questioning “Are we as ready for marriage as we can be?”
  • A suspicion (or knowing) that your marriage is not all that it could be?
  • The pain of a failing marriage, with no idea of how to get back on track?

We can help!

Marriage Preparation

As you plan your wedding, it is equally important to prepare for your marriage. Let us guide you to heal from past hurts; teach you practical tools for communicating, resolving conflicts, and more; and finally, prepare you to develop lasting intimacy in your relationship through deep emotional connection.

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Marriage Enrichment

If your marriage is…OK…but you sense (or know) there is more–this course is for you. Many couples have the logistics of life down, but find they are better partners than lovers. They miss the intimacy and connection they once had. Let us be your guide to deeper connection and renewed intimacy!

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Marriage Restoration

If your marriage is headed for divorce and you don’t know what to do, we can help. We help you to heal from past wounds, coach you to the language and skills you need to connect emotionally, and build new habits that will sustain your marriage over time.

The journey of a life well-lived

Marriage is the foundation of a life well-lived, and an investment in your marriage will pay dividends in every area of your life.

There may be other ways or times when Restoration Center can guide you on your journey. Besides helping couples build a loving, joyful marriage, we also help parents raise their children with as much joy, as much wisdom, and as little stress as possible. If you are a parent, learn how to guide your children to become the adults God intended them to be while enjoying the process.

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