The goal of Restoration Center is to help people heal and grow, so that they can live an abundant life, full of the physical, mental, relationship, family, and spiritual health that God intended for them.

For most of us, things that have happened to us or words that people have spoken over us have hurt us in some way. We have started believing things about ourselves, about God, about our relationships with other people, and about how we should interact with the world that simply aren’t true. Yet, because we believe them and agree with them, they become reality for us. We call these things “lies”, as shorthand for “things that aren’t true from God’s perspective”.

These lies can be about our body (“I am ugly”), about our mind (“I am stupid”), about our will (“I will never be able to break this habit”), about our emotions (“I just can’t control my temper”), or about our spirit (“My worth is determined by my actions, and because I don’t measure up, I am worthless”). Regardless of what part of us they touch, not understanding that they are lies results in us living a ‘smaller’, less-fulfilling life than God has planned for us.

At the Restoration Center, we believe that trying to address problems in our lives without first finding and exposing the lies behind those problems results in frustration and slow or even no improvement in our lives. The good news is that by breaking agreement with lies, we can rob them of their power. Then, we can be much more productive as we learn new information, work to change old habits, and work to improve relationships.

We also believe that relationships are critical to being fully alive the way that God intended us to be. As John Donne wrote in 1623, “No man is an island, entire of itself…” We all need to be in relationship with other people and, we believe, with our Creator. Among the most important relationships are marriage and parenting (not everyone is married or a parent, but we have all been children). For this reason, Restoration Center has a special focus on helping people to be better spouses and better parents.

If you resonate with these beliefs, we welcome you to learn more at If you would like our help in healing, growing, and becoming more of the person God designed you to be, please reach out to us at inquiries@ Bless you and thanks for reading!

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