Oct 19th, 2023

Parents often wait too long to talk to their children about how to steward their bodies when it comes to sex and sexuality. They don’t know what to say to how to say it! This webinar will help to equip you for this critical need! Don’t let culture or peers teach your child unhealthy/ungodly messages about sex. 
We will cover:
  • God’s plan for sex
  • Setting foundations for your kids 
  • How and why do you teach about sex
  • Helpful resources
This webinar will be offered at two different times to accommodate parents in the UK and USA.
Sadie Barzola
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First, thank you, Jeanie, for your kindness in having this free webinar that talks about a topic that is so needed. I personally did not grow up having secure attachments, and even though my sons are adults now, I can definitely use this knowledge with my grandkids. There was just so much great information! What stood out was the idea of having a “Calming Corner” where we can meet with Jesus (the secret sauce 😊) when we are in distress. Also, children need to feel felt. We can help by naming what is going on inside of them and don’t allow them to self-soothe through media. It also opened my eyes to understanding the reason behind someone being afraid of things that don’t make sense to me. I can extend grace because maybe there is trauma involved. I have been using this information already and am so grateful for you to have shared it with us!