My husband Jeff and I loved raising our children, and we enjoy sharing what we have learned over the years–well, to be honest, decades now–with other parents. We believe that the family is God’s chosen method for disciplining lives, societies, and ultimately, nations. Unfortunately, the goodness of God’s vision for families has been watered down or even completely lost. Our goal is to guide Christian parents to a deeper understanding of how faith can and should inform their parenting journey. We will guide you to discover or re-discover God’s vision for the family, the joy of parenting, and the principles and practical tools to do it well.
Why Us?

We have taught classes on how to parent for over 30 years and have done our best to apply those lessons to our own children. Our approach to parenting has been informed by the following influences:

  • The Bible
  • Counseling Practices (Jeanie has an M.Ed. in Counseling)
  • Theology (Jeanie has an M.Div. from Global Awakening Theological Seminary)
  • Attachment Theory
  • Systematic Training for Effective Parenting 
  • Principles of Inner Healing (Jeanie and Jeff are trained Sozo ministers)
  • Principles of Physical Health (Nutrition and Exercise)
We will equip you to raise children who thrive in body, soul, and spirit.

Restoration Center has several ways that you can receive support in your parenting journey, depending on what your needs are.

  • Encouraging content via email – sign up below
  • Live events: “Equip and Refresh” Workshops–coming up soon!

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Thank you so much for coming to our church for the parenting class! It has been really helping me with my daughter. It is so nice to be able to parent in a way that more aligns with the way that God parents me. I didn’t realize how nice parenting could be if it was done in a way that builds up and encourages.

So, I just want to say thank you and encourage you and Jeff to keep going in the direction that you are going because you definitely have something here and I really appreciate it!

Nicole Branstetter

I participated in Jeanie’s webinar called “Heart to Heart”. I learned about the importance of how to obtain a secure attachment for my child while also learning where I failed to have that secure attachment in my upbringing from childhood. Being able to identify those areas where I need healing allowed me to see how God is establishing a securely attached relationship with me so I can provide the same for my son. My son is still coping with my divorce and as his father and I marry other people, I now have tools to help my son through this exciting yet transitional time in our lives. I would recommend any of Jeanie’s services because she mentors, guides, and teaches from a place of her own life experiences, educational training, and, most importantly, God’s love.

Melissa Larios