Parenting has never been easy, but today more than ever, parents who are trying to raise children who know and follow Jesus face serious challenges. Drugs, questions about sexual identity, pornography, and problems related to social media add to the usual challenges of rebellion, tantrums, discipline, and more.

Many parents think that they need to parent on their own, but God wants to partner with them to help their children become loving, faithful disciples of Jesus. In other words, God wants to parent you as you parent your children!

We also want to help support you with your parenting challenges and questions. We know first-hand how daunting it can be to represent Jesus to your children. After all, most of us are just trying to figure it out for ourselves! That said, we know how helpful it can be to talk with other parents and get support from those who understand what you are going through. We have created a space to do just that!

Who are we and why can we help?

  • We have two grown, married children who are committed disciples of the Lord
  • We have hosted and taught parenting courses for over 30 years, in the US, UK, and India
  • Jeanie has a M.Ed in counseling and a Masters degree in Divinity
  • We are trained ministers in Sozo and healing prayer

In this program, we will cover…


#1: What does it mean to be a Christian parent?

#2: How do we reflect God’s nature and character as Christian parents?

#3: How do we help our children develop physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually, in a Godly way?

#4: How do we help guide our children to give their lives to Jesus and then journey to become more like Him?

#5: What is God’s view of sex and sexuality, and how do we guide our children to understand that view?

#6: What does Christian discipline look like, and how do I do it?

#7: How do we, as Christian parents, engage the world around us? How do we teach our children to engage the world around them?

#8: How do we help our children manage devices/social media?

And much more


I am so grateful for Jeanie’s parenting class. She makes you feel at ease. Her teachings are practical and easy to
implement. She brings so much joy and life - you leave each class feeling renewed and refreshed and ready to

Rachael Morgan