Invest in Yourself!

Becoming the man or woman God designed you to be is a journey. Sometimes we need a guide to help us get through the rough spots. At Restoration Center, we use an integrated approach to help you heal and thrive in body, soul, and spirit.

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✓ Heal from past hurts

✓ Be restored to God’s original design

✓ Support & Guidance on your journey

Do you struggle with:

  • Hurts from your past, whether from growing up or received throughout your life
  • Questioning “Am I missing something? If so, what?” or “How do I get to the next level?”
  • Do I have all the skills I need to be successful in life?

We help you to live well!

Inner Healing

All of us have been hurt by our life experiences. Left alone, these hurts are very likely to cause us further pain. With God’s help, you will be able to acknowledge these hurts and let Him heal them.


When the wounds have been healed, you need to know where your life journey is headed. We help you unlock who God designed you to be and His purposes for your life.

Support & Guidance

Even after healing and restoration, it is likely you will have old habits to overcome. We help you replace the old with new, healthier habits. We know this is not always easy, so we will be there for you.

My name is Jeanie Hosken and my passion is to help people live an abundant life physically, emotionally, spiritually, and relationally. I am committed to helping you live in peace with yourself, others, and God. I will meet you where you are and support you as you learn to walk in wholeness and healing.

See what past clients have to say!

Don’t take our word for it–here’s what other clients have to say about their counseling experience with Jeanie!


Individual Counseling Sessions


If you are not certain how much time you will need to work through your challenges, you can book individual 50-minute sessions at $175 each.

Counseling Packages


If you know that your challenges will require multiple sessions, a discounted package of four sessions for $630 can be purchased.

How it Works

1. Call Us

We want to meet you and answer any questions you may have. If we mutually agree that our services are a good match for you, then proceed to Step Two!

2. Sign up for one or more sessions

You can sign up for a session or two to begin, then buy discounted packages later, or purchase a package up front. It’s your choice!

3. Live the life you want!

Through personal healing and growth, you will begin to see and feel improvement in your life! Whether you face challenges in body, soul, or spirit, you will experience new life!

The journey of a life well-lived

There may be other ways or times when Restoration Center can assist you on your journey. Besides helping individuals live the life God designed for them, we also help couples build a loving, joyful marriage and  parents to raise their children with as much joy, as much wisdom, and as little stress as possible. Our goal is to help YOU become the person, spouse, or parent God intended you to be!

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