Are you married to your best friend?

If you want a deep, intimate connection with your spouse, you can have it. Using the Connection Codes model, we guide you to re-learn the language and skills you need to become best friends again. Rediscover the marriage you thought you lost!

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✓ Get and stay on the same page relationally

✓ Experience security and trust in your relationship

✓ Feel encouraged about your relationship

Do you struggle with:

  • A lack of emotional or sexual connection in your marriage or relationship?
  • A cycle of miscommunication?
  • Patterns of unresolved conflict?
  • A sense of hopelessness or feeling stuck, with no clear way to make things better?

You are designed for connection!

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Get on the same page

To be on the same page relationally, you have to be able to tell your spouse what’s happening inside you and he/she has to be able to hear it. Most of us never learned how to do that, but you CAN learn. Let us guide you to a level of connection you didn’t know was possible.

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Experience security & trust

Trusting your spouse to create a safe space where you can share your most vulnerable self can be and often is scary. Vulnerability requires safety, and safety invites vulnerability. Let us guide you to being safe and vulnerable with each other.

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Feel positive & encouraged

Imagine knowing that the wobbles of life–the mistakes and misses that we all experience–will not derail your relationship. Imagine having the skills to rapidly repair ruptures and restore your relationship to vibrant health. We can help you make this your reality!

Meet Jeff & Jeanie, your guides and fellow travellers

Who are we and why can we help?

  • We have been married for 37 years
  • We are certified Connection Codes coaches, Jesus-followers, and trained ministers in multiple forms of healing prayer
  • We have hosted and taught marriage enrichment and marriage prep courses for over 20 years, in the U.S., UK, and India
  • Jeanie has a M.Ed in counseling and a Masters degree in Divinity (M.Div)

See what past clients have to say!

Don’t take our word for it–here’s what other clients have to say about our coaching.

Coaching Options

Connection Codes Basic Package


Two hours of coaching on emotional connection and using the Core Emotion Wheel. This is a entry level option to get you started on your journey to emotional connection.

Foundations Masterclass Package


Includes access to the 8-module Foundations Masterclass e-course and 4 personal coaching sessions. This option gives you the full Connection Codes course. Additional coaching sessions can be purchased as needed. 

Custom Options

$ Varies

Contact us for other options, including group sessions, pay-as-you-go or custom coaching, and in-person seminars for large groups. We want to help you (or your group) get the marriage you want!

How it Works


1. Contact us to answer your questions

We want to meet you and answer your questions. If what we provide matches what you want, then proceed to Step 2!

2. Sign up for the option that works best for you

Many people believe coaching will get them where they want to be as quickly as possible and choose the Foundations Masterclass Package. You can, of course, simply purchase the e-course and add coaching if/when needed. If neither of those fits your needs, contact us and we’ll create something that does!

3. Start living the marriage you deserve!

With the language and skills to express your emotions and connect deeply with each other, you will experience a rapid improvement in the quality and joy of your marriage!

The journey of a life well-lived

Rock-solid relationships with the people we love are the foundation of a life well-lived. An investment in your ability to connect with loved ones will pay dividends in every area of your life.

There may be other ways or times when Restoration Center can guide you on your journey. As an example, we also help parents raise their children with joy, wisdom, and as little stress as possible. If you are a parent, we can teach you how to guide your children to become the adults God intended them to be while enjoying the process.

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